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60 million gamers in 232 countries around the world

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BitCoins.Games is a blockchain game distribution platform designed to combine blockchain technology with HTML5 games. Combining the two technologies to decentralize and socialize features creates a brand new gameplay of the blockchain game distribution platform.

Nearly 60 million overseas users and over 100 million overseas application partners.

More than 2,000 copyrighted, copyright-linked games

Innovation and subversion


Rei Chen
Rei Chin Japan

Founder and CEO of Bitcoins.Games, former president of mobile game operations and general manager of operations in East Asia, and former head of Mitsubishi's Business Information Division.

Joe Zhou
ニホンサンチチョクバイ(カ Japan

Developed by NIHON SANCHI TYOKUBAI Nihon SANITARY KITAKI KAI, there are more than 500 original mobile phone games, and is responsible for the promotion and operation of games throughout Asia. At the same time, it is also responsible for brand output and game distribution.

Joe Zhou
Ookor Games English

The studio that mainly covers mobile game distribution in the United States, Europe and the Arab region mainly provides game access service and advertisement realization business to third-party partners.



Bitcions.Games Creating a Healthy Ecosystem

Bitcions.Games the game with the award of the block chain platform to create healthy ecosystems as an independent game developers and players
Influencers Improve the value of Bitcions.Games with the consumerisation of business models and the purchase of content activities.

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